Readings and Performances

Invite me to read and perform one of my stories!

Nothing gives me greater joy than to read and perform one of my stories to a room full of kids waiting on the edge of their seat to see what happens next.   

Whether I am performing with an Irish brogue or southern accent, I give all of my characters their own personality.

Scroll down to see "My Stories". Then click "FIND OUT MORE" to let me know if you have a classroom or event where I can put my gifts to the greatest use... making children happy!

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My Stories

The Leprechaun Who Lost His Luck

 Breggin O’Shaughnessy is a leprechaun with a problem. He’s lost his four leaf clover, and therefore his luck as well! Without his luck a human might catch him, and force him to share his pot of gold. His mother will have none of that. She tells him to sit tight while she finds him a new one, but Breggin isn’t the sort to sit still. Children and adults alike will laugh out loud as they read about the hilarious string of bad luck Breggin faces as he waits for his new luck to arrive, but when he is discovered by a greedy human, everything changes. Will Breggin be able to escape the stinky Hamish McDougal? Will he be forced to share his pot of gold? Will he ever find luck again? 


The Little Red Schoolhouse

The Little Red School house loves children!  But sometimes, the children aren't nice so he gets crabby.  But once they leave, he is sad and wants them back. A wonderful teacher explains why it is good for everyone to have a break!

The Lazy Little Easter Bunny

Peter Rabbit is concerned that his son Jeffrey is so forgetful, he won't be able to help out with the Easter delivery when he is old enough.  Jeffrey works very hard and does a great job, but his brother Terrance has other ideas.